On the first day we traditionally had the Masterclass that contained this year various inversion approaches in Delphi.
Amongst others, the participant could run their own convolutional neural network for seismic interpolation.
Tuesday to Thursday were dedicated to the A&P, M&I and C&M projects of the Delphi consortium, respectively.
Note that all presentations files and also video recordings of the meeting can be found on the website:
(login with your company ID via the “login” button at the bottom of the webpage).
In addition you can find the video message of Prof. Berkhout regarding his newly formed Climate Intelligence Institute.

Currently, we are finalizing the next Delphi software release that should appear soon (before April 1st).

We sincerely enjoyed the meeting and all came back with good feedback and motivation to continue our research activities.

On behalf of the team, Eric Verschuur

PS Note that the next Delphi meeting will be the week AFTER the EAGE meeting, June 11-14, 2019 in The Hague.