We believe that such hybrid meetings will be the model of the future, so we intend to keep meetings in some hybrid format. Of course, in-person attendance is our preferred mode, but the ability to join the meeting and also the discussions online will only increase the ability of sponsors to visit our meetings. Besides reporting on the ongoing research related to well established Delphi-topics, we also presented some new directions that reflect a world in transition: Seismic interferometry, near-surface investigations, hydrogen and CO2 storage and EM inversion are topics that will be part of the Delphi portfolio in the coming decade. In addition, the use of Machine Learning in all these topics will also play an increasingly larger role, especially in cases where deterministic physics laws are absent. Please, visit our private FTP server click here to download or re-view presentations, or fill out a questionnaire on the future of Delphi. We thank all sponsoring companies for their support On behalf of the Delphi team,  Eric Verschuur