Delphi deliverables

Delphi aims at new geophysical measurement, imaging and inversion concepts that are directed to the problems and opportunities in the global E&P-industry. Deliverables consist of the following items.

Delphi Volumes: Once a year the Delphi sponsors receive an electronic version of the research report through the private web-pages and on a USB stick during the meetings. Optionally, a printed version of the Delphi Volume can be requested.

Sponsor meetings: Twice a year a Delphi sponsor meeting is organized, one in Houston (Texas) and one in The Hague (NL). The meeting in Houston is held in the beginning of February and the meeting in The Hague in the beginning of June, just prior to the annual EAGE meeting (somewhere in Europe).

Software releases: We have organized the technology transfer to the sponsors by providing operational software releases (no additional costs), installation services (variable costs) and dedicated in-house seminars (variable costs).

Within the Delphi Consortium interactive software is developed, which is available to the sponsors as source code. The Delphi software releases consist of a package of programs and subroutines, written in Fortran, C and Matlab, which are tested on the most frequently used computer systems in E&P. The software can be applied in combination with the Seismic Unix software, which is available from Colorado School of Mines without cost.

By means of a protected FTP site, the latest version of the Delphi codes can be retrieved and compiled at the sponsors' site. As a service, a number of software demo’s are directly accessible via our web-server, without installation of the code.

DELPHI services: We have organized technology application at Delft by offering experimental data acquisition and experimental data processing services to early adopters. These services are provided on a commercial base by the DELPHI Studio for Imaging B.V. (DS4I).

Education: Employees of sponsoring companies can enroll at the Delft University educational program (M.Sc., Ph.D.) as a member of the Delphi team.

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