The Climate Intelligence Foundation (CLINTEL), as the new underlying foundation is called, is supported by a number of wealthy private financiers, who believe that the established order relies far too much on theoretical climate models. The widely accepted belief that man plays the leading role in global warming comes from these models. But the history of the Earth shows a completely different story than those theoretical models tell us. Many renowned physicists, including Nobel Prize winners in physics, confirm this observation. For many years, the public has been one-sidedly informed.Berkhout comes up with a completely new plan. "Stop further tweaking computer models. We have been doing this for about 30 years. For years now, nothing has come out of it. We need top laboratories to verify the theoretical assumptions; we also need more extensive measuring instruments to record how the climate system really behaves and, above all, we need big data techniques to apply intelligent algorithms for analyzing old and new data.Berkhout is full of energy. "All those years of fierce arguments over the smallest theoretical details have been a waste of time. We have to change the research approach completely and start from measurements, using the motto: ‘In Search of the Truth’. New scientific developments show that this is the only way to understand how super complex systems work.Professor Guus Berkhout, a leading geophysicist and member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), is inspired by Delphi, a Delft-based geophysical research institute in which theorists and practitioners worldwide successfully cooperate already for decades. "I miss that in climate science. You have to bring theoretical model builders, experimental researchers and data scientists together in one team. That works wonders.““We have the starting money and the new concepts. Together with young people we are going to turn the entire climate world upside down!”