Successful Delphi meeting in February 2019 in Houston by Eric Verschuur

February 18-21 we had the yearly Delphi meeting in Houston, in the OMNI hotel.
Participants from the consortium members enjoyed a 4-day program.
Despite some visa issues we had a team of 15 people present organizing and presenting the meeting.

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The Climate Intelligence Foundation (CLINTEL) by Guus Berkhout

The climate world is to be enriched by a revolutionary new research institute. Delft emeritus professor Guus Berkhout is finalizing a foundation for independent climate research on a completely different basis from that of the UN climate panel IPCC.

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Delphi Reports 2017 are online by Eric Verschuur

Dear Delphi members, please find the three volumes of the Delphi reports online, that have also been distributed on the USB-sticks during the Delphi meetings in Houston and The Hague.Also our latest journal papers and PH.D. thesis are included there.

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The New Delphi Book 2017 by Delphi Consortium

It's out the final release of Delphi Consortium info Book.

For all the people that are interested it's free.

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Delphi Enquête 2018 by Eric Verschuur

Dear Delphi member

Besides aiming for conducting high-quality research we also strive to optimally bring these results to you. Currently, we give written reports (as PDFS), provide software releases and have twice a year our consortium meetings.

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Sponsor meeting in Houston 2017 by Eric Verschuur

In the week of February 13-16, 2017 the Delphi team came with 19 persons to Houston to present their latest results. This year, we have chosen the OMNI hotel as the meeting location, being conveniently located close to the Energy Corridor.

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Successful sponsor meeting in Houston by Delphi

Looking back to the sponsor meeting in Houston, looking forward to the The Hague meeting in May. The Delphi team looks back to a successful meeting early February in the Houstonian hotel.

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Delphi info Book July 2015 by Delphi

Delphi info Book July 2015. It's out the final release of Delphi Consortium info Book. For visitors of our website who are interested to know more about the research vision, please click here for iPad version.

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Sponsor meeting May 2015 great success! by Delphi

The Delphi team looks back at a very successful sponsor meeting in The Hague last May. With a high attendance from the sponsors and four days of presentations and lots of discussions, we hope that this meeting was fruitful for our sponsors.

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Utilization of Multiples by Berkhout

Utilization of Multiples in Velocity Estimation and Migration
In the past the industry has made large investments in the removal of multiples from the seismic response ( ‘data linearization’ ), with the purpose to make the data suitable for our linear velocity estimation and linear migration algorithms.

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