List of DELPHI Ph.D. Alumni

1. C.P.A. Wapenaar, 1986, Pre-stack migration in two and three dimensions (cum laude).
2. A.J.W. Duijndam, 1987, Detailed Baysian inversion of seismic data (cum laude).
3. P.M. van der Made, 1988, Determination of macro subsurface models by generalized inversion.
4. G.L. Peels, 1988, True amplitude wave field extrapolation with applications in seismic shot record redatuming.
5. N.A. Kinneging, 1989, Three-dimensional redatuming of seismic shot records.
6. G. Blacquière, 1989, 3-D wave field extrapolation in seismic depth migration.
7. A. van der Schoot, 1989, Common reflection point stacking, a macro model driven approach to dip moveout.
8. A.C. Geerlings, 1990, Adaptive Tracing in Seismic Exploration.
9. G.J. Lörtzer, 1990, An integrated approach to lithological inversion (cum laude).
10. H.C.L. Cox, 1990, Estimation of macro velocity models by wave field extrapolation.
11. D.J. Verschuur, 1991, Surface-related multiple elimination, an inversion approach (cum laude).
12. J.C. de Haas,1992, Elastic Stratigraphic Inversion, an Integrated approach.
13. Ph. Herrmann, 1992, Decomposition of multi-component measurements into P and S waves.
14. G.C. Haimé, 1992, Downward extrapolation of multi-component seismic data.
15. C.G.M. de Bruin, 1992, Linear AVO inversion by prestack depth migration.
16. B.A. Scheffers, 1993, Near surface seismic imaging.
17. W.E.A. Rietveld, 1995, Controlled illumination in prestack seismic migration.
18. E.J.M. Giling, 1995, Crosswell Seismic Tomography and Migration, Delft.
19. J.W. Thorbecke, 1997, Common Focus Point Technology.
20. F.J. Herrmann, 1997, A scaling medium representation, a discussion on well-logs, fractals and waves.
21. R. Ala’ï, 1997, Improving predrilling views by pseudo seismic borehole data.
22. M.M.N. Kabir, 1997, Velocity estimation of the complex subsurface using the CFP technology.
23. F.J. Dessing, 1997, A wavelet transform approach to seismic processing.
24. A.J.W. van Wijngaarden, 1998, Imaging and Characterization of angle-dependent seismic data.
25. F.J.P.C.M.G. Verhelst, 2000, Integration of seismic data with well-log data (cum laude).
26. R.F. Hegge, 2000, Seismic macro model estimation by inversion of focusing operators.
27. M.A. Schonewille, 2000, Fourier reconstruction of irregularly sampled seismic data.
28. K.M. Schalkwijk, 2001, Decomposition of multicomponent ocean-bottom data into P- and S-waves.
29. A.W.F. Volker, 2002, Assessment of 3-D seismic acquisition geometries by focal beam analysis (cum laude).
30. E.J. van Dedem, 2002, 3D surface-related multiple prediction.
31. J.F.B. Bolte, 2003, Estimation of focusing operators using the Common Focal Point method.
32. B.E. Cox, 2004, Tomographic inversion of focusing operators (cum laude).
33. P.M. Zwartjes, 2005, Fourier reconstruction with sparse inversion.
34. E.J. van Veldhuizen, 2006, Integrated approach to 3-D seismic acquisition geometry analysis (cum laude).
35. S. Tegtmeier-Last, 2007, Redatuming of Sparse 3D Seismic Data.
36. C.O.H. Hindriks, Estimation and removal of complex near surface effects in seismic measurements.
37. M.N. Al-Ali, 2007, Land seismic data acquisition and preprocessing -an operator solution to the near-surface problem (cum laude).
38. M.J. van de Rijzen, 2007, Estimation of focusing operators for 3D seismic data.
39. J.R. Rommelse, 2009, Data assimilation in reservoir management.
40. J. Przybysz-Jarnut, 2010, Hydrocarbon reservoir parameter estimation using production data and time-lapse-seismic.
41. G.J.A. van Groenestijn, 2010, Estimation of primaries and multiples by sparse inversion.
42. A.R. Ghazali, 2011, True-amplitude seismic imaging beneath gas clouds.
43. A.K. Dey, 2011, Quantitative seismic amplitude analysis.
44 D.A. Chitu, 2011, Iterative inversion of focusing operators.
45. M. Wirianto, 2012, Controlled-source electromagnetics for reservoir monitoring on land.
46. A. Mahdad, 2012, Deblending of seismic data.
47. P. Doulgeris, 2013, Inversion methods for the separation of blended data.
48. P.R. Haffinger, 2013, Seismic broadband full waveform inversion by shot/receiver refocusing.
49. H. Kutscha, 2014, The double focal transform and its application to data reconstruction.
50. A. Soni, 2014, Full wavefield migration of vertical seismic profiling data.
51. T. Ishiyama, 2015, Surface-wave separation and its impact on seismic survey design.
52.   X.R. Staal, 2015, Combined imaging and velocity estimation by Joint Migration Inversion.
53.   A. Kumar, 2015, 3-D Seismic acquisition geometry design and analysis.
54. G.A. Lopez, 2016, Closed-loop surface related multiple estimation
55. M. Davydenko, 2016, Full wavefield migration: Seismic imaging using multiple scattering effects
56. A.A.A. Alshuhail, 2017, Anisotropic Joint Migration Inversion: Automatic estimation of reflectivities and anisotropic velocities
57. R. Feng, 2017, Reservoir lithology determination from seismic inversion results using Markov processes

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