Dynamic Characterization and Reservoir Monitoring (C&M) project

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The Delphi Dynamic Characterization and Reservoir Monitoring project (C&M) aims at bridging the gap between seismic imaging and reservoir engineering.

The C&M project involves the following topics:

• Joint migration inversion of VSP data (JMI for VSP);
• Broadband, nonlinear, full waveform seismic inversion by using both primaries an internal multiples (FWI-res);
• Reservoir monitoring with JMI and FWI-res (4D);
• Estimation of lithology and porefill, using the output of FWI-res.

Similar to the objective to use multiple scattering in our imaging research, we also utilize multiple scattering in characterization. Using the velocity model as a background medium (output of JMI), it involves a full inversion of the seismic data, not in terms of boundary parameters but in terms of layer parameters (velocity and density). In this way a high-resolution estimate of the elastic reservoir parameters is obtained directly from the seismic data (data-driven inversion).
The main advantage is that internal multiples will contribute to the quality of the reservoir properties, meaning that the concept of primary reflection input is not used anymore.

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