Multiple Utilization & Structural Imaging (M&I) project

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Delphi M&I Projects

The goal of the Delphi Multiple Estimation and Structural Imaging project (node 2) is the transformation of marine (single-component), as well as OBC and land (multi-component) seismic measurements into highly resolved structural images.

The multiple estimation and structural imaging project (M&I) contains the following interrelated research topics:

  • surface-related and internal multiple estimation;
  • using multiples to estimate missing (near) offsets;
  • imaging of blended seismic data, optionally including surface multiples;
  • imaging using also internal multiples, i.e. full wavefield migration (FWM);
  • estimation of the velocity model , i.e. joint migration-inversion (JMI), also including anisotropy and fine-layering effects.

The focus in the M&I project is not only separating primaries from multiples, but also using both primaries and multiples in the migration process (FWM). Hence, multiples are considered as important information. In addition, the migration process has been extended to simultaneously estimate velocity as well (JMI). We expect that multiple utilization and simultaneous velocity estimation will improve the quality of seismic images beyond expectation

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